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Hello everyone!!!!
So unless you don't know the series, you all know that 2 days ago, after 9 months of waiting, we finally got to see the premiere of the series 5 of Merlin. It was EPIC!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! It was MERLIN!!!!
I'm now gonna review the episode for you and since i'm not a critic it will be like reading a fourteen year old girl's journal. And i'm not even sorry.
And so it begins. If you have read my tweets you know how excited i was for Merlin to start again. After 2 sessions in Pierrefonds, this show is now part of my life and i had been longing for its start. Alie even came to spend the weekend with me so we could watch the premiere together.
So, to begin we have Merlin running everywhere in the castle. Hey we've been there. We've seen that!!! Gosh this is gonna be good. So Merlin is running all over the place looking for something/someone. He eventually meets Arthur,
who doesn't look very happy that Merlin couldn't find Gwen. She is late for something and nowhere to be found. Oh look! She 's here!!!
Arthur - Late? Not at all. Plenty of time
Oh so you're gonna be this kind of a husband Arthur? Nice to know. Arthur and Gwen enter the throne/round table room and so follow
Merlin and Sefa (Gwen's maid). I ship Selin so hard my heart hurts. How long has it been since Freya, Merlin??? It was about time our favorite warlock got some action, wasn't it.
Inside the "main" room everyone is seated.
Sir Elyan, the royal brother in law.
Sir Leon, the immortal knight.
Sir Gwaine, and his magnificent hair and Sir Percival and his magnificent arms. Wait a minute. They are not there. What the ....??? Oh apparently they went on a mission in the snowy part of future Albion
and no one has heard from them for the last six weeks. I don't like that. My knights are not built for snow and cold. And they are not ready to face
What did I tell you??? If this wolf hurt my Gwaine it's gonna have to run pretty fast when i'm there. (Just saying, Wolfy). Sir Elyan tried to find them but didn't succeed so Arthur and his remaining men are gonna travel North to get them back. He does like his knights, our Arthur.
But wait, is this???
Oh oh!!! The Lady Morgana is behind all this. This is not good my friends, not good.
We've been there!!!!! *wonderful memories and teary eyes*.
Back in Ismere (the snowy place) Morgana meets with Ruadan. .

Apparently, Morgana has spent a few weeks in this cold castle looking for a key that none of her kinghts/slaves has been able to find. She is not happy it's taking so long and when Ruadan tells her to be patient, we learn that she just spent two years waiting. Where? Why? We don't know. Yet.

Our Morgana is angrier and more evil than she's ever been. I love Morgana!!!
What is this on Ruadan's neck? Oh he is a sorcerer or a druid. Anyway he has magic. The guards enter the room and throw my Gwaine of the floor.
       Gwaine - Lady Morgana, we really have to stop meeting like this.
My little Morgwaine shipper's heart is going crazy!!!!! She's hot! He's hot! Let them have babies together and everything will be fine. Oh Morgana doesn't seem to agree.
It's okay Morgana, you don't have to love him but don't hurt him either. She clearly plans on killing him but first he has to do something for her.
Oh hello steamy cave full of half naked men!!!!
Back in Camelot, a secret counsil is held.
Gwen (great dress),
Gaius (what's up with the hair?),
and obviously Merlin are planning a rescue party to save Gwaine and Percival. Elyan, who has already try the rescue mission tells them of the rumors that the city of Ismere is inhabited are numerous and always involve Morgana. Queen Quinevere, who knows more than she seems, tells them to go through Queen Annis's land in the West (remember her? She's the one whose husband was killed by Arthur but who ended up forgiving him because he is a good person). It's a good idea, everybody is happy. Let's have some dinner my friends. And let's keep all that secret just in case.
Outside the door is Sefa bringing food to Gwen.
Of course Merlin runs into her and makes her spill all the fruits she is carrying.
Look at our Gwen watching the two servants. She ships Selin as hard as i do.
I must amit our Merlin is a charmer. "If you need anything, just ask". I think it's safe to say that Sefa will ask if she does need something.
Our knights leave Camelot the next morning.
Merthur is in the place and they haven't changed that much in three years.
                                                                          Merlin - Do you really think that Gwaine and Percival may still be alive?
                                                                                      Arthur - I have to find out. They're knoghts of the round table. It's the bound we share.
Merlin - I understand.
                                                      Arthur - If it was you who'd disappear i wouldn't bother.
Oh come on Arthur. You've proven many times that you would definitely travel the world and fight all the men to find Merlin if he went missing.
In Ismere, Morgana has everyone working for her....
And apparently if you work for Morgana you must take your shirt off and break stones. Fine by me, my lady, fine by me. You must admit this makes you question whether it is indispensable for Gwaine and Percival to wear a shirt the rest of the time... but i digress. According to Percival, all this work is to find a key that Morgana desperately needs.
Arthur and the gang arrive at the border of Annis's land and what they find is not a happy village.
Everyone is dead. The village is empty and Merlin hears his name (Emrys) being whispered...
Let's take a walk towards the whipers, Merlin!
Oh a dead man!
Oh a weird druid tatoo!!!
Oh the dead man isn't dead and speaks of a prophecy about Arthur's bane, of which he should be scared for it stalks him like a ghost in the night. Well now the old man really is dead and when his hand touches the water we can see the prophecy in action.
Arthur is fighting.
A young man approaches (hello Alexander Vlahos!! I love you!!!)
They fight.
Arthur's hurt.
Arthur falls on his knees.
I got you Arthur!!!
Oh Alex, you know i love you and i know the legend but.... do you really have to do this???
Merlin is very upset, having seen  the fall of Arthur. When the king meets him in the cave Merlin doesn't say anything about what he saw but as soon as everybody is asleep
our young warlock put his magic to good use and call for
Kilgharrah. Is it just me or does Kiki seem different? I can't pin point the exact thing that's different but he doesn't look the same.
He is still very big though. So merlin is scared of what he saw in the water. Arthur's bane and all. Kilgharrah explains that Merlin is now the only one able to save Arthur from whatever prophecy has been told. Life isn't easy on our young warlock. Can't he ever catch a break??? (Sefa maybe?)
In the morning, Arthur, his knights and Merlin  head towards Annis's castle.
Hello Annis. It's nice to see you again. One question though: what do you do all day in your big empty room apart from sitting on your throne guarded by two vikings? The dinner is about to be served at Annis's just like it is in Camelot.
Queen Guinevere can't eat for she is  scared of what might have happened to her beloved king.
Luckily Sefa is a good maid and
Gwen needs a friend so... It has been a recurring problem in Camelot, there aren't enough women. So when there is one, and that Gwaine isn't there to flirt with her, Gwen picks her as a BFF. Guinefa is ON.
In Annis's land, dinner is happening and Annis tells Arthur that there is every chance his men are still alive because Morgana uses them to look for the key that she desperately needs. Everyone is happy and full of hope and Annis wants to see Merlin, the fool?!?!, do some tricks. We all know that apart from agic Merlin isn't very agile.
Arthur and Leon know it too. I mean look at leon's face!
Even Sir Elyan knows is in for a treat. Seriously guys, give Merlin a little credit. He can do stuff without using magic.
We just won't know what it is because he is going full (hidden) magic on them.
When i told ealier about the vikings i wasn't lying, was I?
So Merlin can magically juggle. And he is magically really good at it.
Having a hard time believing what you see Arthur?
Because our Merlin seems pretty proud of the stunt he just pulled on you all.
Back in their room, Arthur is still astonished from what he saw merlin do. Merlin is still unsure about the whole rescue mission idea and share his fears with Arthur who doesn't want to listen to his concerns. He even throws him his boots that merlin can't catch. (Should we talk about the tag still on the boot??? probably not.) We were that close to the magic revelation... Come on Merlin, grow a pair and tell him.
Back in Camelot, young Sefa is leaving the castle late at night.
Gwen, little shipper at heart is happy her maid is leaving to meet her boyfriend.
Oh Gwen! It's like you've never seen a Merlin Episode...
There's a crow where Sefa is going, which can only mean one thing: DANGER!!!
Yep, Ruadan definitely has magic. Be careful who you meet at night Sefa.
I told you!!! But She's safe. Sefa is Ruadan's daughter. She quickly tells him about Arthur's plan to approach Ismere by the west. Ruadan asks Sefa to stay close to the Queen to not raise any suspicion, making sure, as a caring father, that she is treated nicely at the court. Ruadan leaves the Camelot forest at once to tell Morgana of what he knows.
In the West, Arthur is about to leave
Annis's castle to ride North. Their relationship is more than the one of simple allies. It is touching to see them interact actually.
Annis - Be careful!
Arthur - I will.     
                                                           Annis - Good allies are hard to find. i'd hate to lose one.
And off they go to rescue my Gwaine and Percival.
In camelot, Gwen is being a bit of a lazy daisie for she apparently can't even fetch her own papers.
Gwen - Sefa, aren't you forgetting something? My papers for the counsil.
  Sefa - Of course!                                                                                         
  Gwen - You're alright?                                                                                 
  Sefa - Yes!                                                                                                   
  Gwen - You don't seem yourself today.                                                        
  Sefa - i'm sorry.                                                                                          
  Gwen - Last night i saw you leave the city. Sefa, i may be your queen but    
don't have to hide your secrets from me. Whoever he is, he's
lucky to have you."

Oh Gwen, you really have no clue, do you?
While it takes days to Arthur to come close to Ismere riding west, Ruadan only rides for a night using the South passage.
I'm sorry ladies but what do you do all day sitting on your thrones doing nothing? seriously!
Although surprised, Morgana isn't sad to hear that Arthur and his knights are coming from the West. She now knows where to hit.

Back at the camp, Arthur and Merlin have yet another conversation about why Arthur does all that.
Merlin - Morgana is powerful. She's dangerous.
Arhur - I know.                                                 
Merlin - And you don't care...                            
Arthur - Only about my men. They're more than
                        friends, more than brothers. No matter what
             lies ahead of me, i won't abandon them
        as i know they wouldn't abandon me.
Merlin - I understand. I wish i didn't but i do.
Oh you guys!!!!! Just hug it out and be friends forever. You are too adorable!!!
That very same night Morgana leaves Ismere to attack Arthur on his way to the city. Once she finds them, a battle starts and no one's safe.
Excuse me Ruadan but are you actually trying to kill our immortal knight?
And are you hurting the king???? I'm really starting to not like you at all!
Never mind, Elyan comes to the rescue, Leon helps and Merlin takes Arthur to a safe hiding place.
He even magically makes
this appear so that the people following them on horses would fall down. Way to go young warlock!
A little later, once safe, Arthur wakes up to see that Merlin has once again saved his life.
Don't make that face Arthur. Yes Merlin saved you AGAIN! You will have to acknoledge he has more talent than you give him credit for. Magig reveal???? Not yet!
Back in the steamy caves (finally!) Gwaine and Percival are asleep.
So are all the other half naked men that Morgana keeps down under. May i just say that at that point i'm not sure she's actually looking for a key or if she has those men working for her just because she wants to look at them sweat? It is possible, isn't it?
Anyway, my Gwaine is awaken by a blue light flickering in a tunnel.
He tries to wake Percy up to have him see the blue light but the guards arrive and
look at them pretending to sleep comfortably on the rocks. You're good my men! you're good.
My Gwaine is still intrigued though.
Back in the forest, Arthur and Merlin are having a fight because merlin wants to go back to Camelot whereas Arthur walks towards Ismere to save his men.
          Arthur - "If you're afraid then go.
           Merlin - I'm worried about you.     
                  Arthur - Alright well i've tried sending
                                                           you home but if you're not gonna do as i ask the least
                       you can do is shut up. Come on!
                                      Merlin - You know if Morgana doesn't kill you, i will.
                            Arthur - Threatning a king is treason, Merlin.
                    Merlin - What about threatning an ASS."
Arthur - Heard that! 
Yes i think we all heard that!!!!!! Merlin, you dirty-mouthed boy!!!!!
In Camelot, Leon and Elyan have returned to tell Queen Guinevere that they had been ambushed and that they don't know where Arthur and Merlin are. Gwen isn't very happy about that and figures out there is a traitor in Camelot.
Just look at them sleeping side by side to keep each other warm. Aren't they cute?
Merlin has something to tell Arthur. Magic reveal???? Stil not? Darn when is it gonna be then?
He tells him about the seer druid he met in the cave two days earlier but Arthur doesn't want to hear about going back even though what the man said could be true.
Arthur - I swear i'm gonna rescue my men or die trying.
  Merlin - And i swear i will protect you or die at your side.

Oh you guys!!!!!
In the caves, my Gwaine still wants to know what the blue light is - Where are you going?
Gwaine - Cover for me.
That is Percival "WHAT?" face. You adorable simple man!
But my Gwaine wants to know and he gonna be sexy looking for the blue light.
But these guys are following him.
And they beat the crap out of my Gwaine whom they leave there to die.
The next morning Arthur hears horses' foot noises and shuts Merlin up.
Morgana is looking for them and will not rest until she finds them.
Once she's gone they start their journey again but they are starving. Oh look rabbits!
Merlin Merlin Merlin!!!!! Look how much your arthur loves you. He is ready to be trapped with you instead of waiting for you to be trapped alone and be able to help you out. That is love, ladies and gentlemen.
Love and stupidity!!!! But hey they do look cute together in their net.
In Camelot, Queen Guinevere is being more badass than we've ever seen her be. Look at her!
While Merlin and Arthur are stuck in a net, Gwen finds out that Sefa is a traitor and that her dad is a sorcerer working for Morgana. You go girl!!! You can rule Camelot by yourself!!!! It took four seasons but there you are Gwen. You are the badass queen i always knew you could be.
Gwen - You have admitted your guilt. You leave me no choice, Sefa. By the laws of Camelot i find you guilty of treason.

Wait what?
Gwen - I sentence you to death!
I'm sorry what did you say, sis'?
You do not mess with the Queen!!! Is that understood???
In the net Arthur is trying to get out but his sword fell down on the floor. Look at those two!!!
In the caves, my Gwaine is lying on the floor, looking hurt when
this happens. I'm sorry but what are those? Who do they belong to?
Oh dear Lord! Call The Doctor we have a cross-over Merlin/Doctor Who happening!!!!
Ok you blue alien, im ready to include you in the show but only because you are healing my Gwaine.
While all this supernatural thing is going on, Arthur and Merlin a sound asleep in their net.
Ouch it's gotta hurt!
You do not look very nice! What do you want? Oh you know it's Arthur and you want to kill him. So cliché!!!
Mean man - Any last request.
                                                      Arthur - Let my servant go. He doesn't deserve to die like this.

Oh Arthur!!! you do love your Merlin!!!!
                                                         Merlin - If you're going to kill him, you'll have to kill me first.
   Arthur - Merlin, step aside!
                      Merlin - You know i never do as i'm told.
Voice - STOP!    
                                  Wait! Where is this voice coming from? Who's talking???                   
Young man - Shouldn't we leave it to the Lady Morgana to decide their fate?
Oh I know you! You are the one who wounded Arthur in the prophecy. I didn't like you back then but you are terribly cute. I don't know what to do now.
And he is a gentleman, helping Arthur back on his feet.
                                                                                       Young man - You don't remember me do you? you saved my life once, many  
                          years ago.
Merlin - Mordred?
I think Arthur remembers now!
Mordred - Hello Arthur!

Oh dear Lord this episode was everything i had hoped for and more. The relationships have evolved, Mordred is awesome, Gwen is badass, Gwaine and Percival don't even wear shirts anymore. The basis for the new series have been laid down. I can't wait to see what's in store next week!!!!


Par SCMacken le Lundi 8 octobre 2012 à 22:54
hello, i am Eoin/gwaine's wife here. i am a very violent person when someone calls him 'My Gwaine." say you love him, but he is MINE. so if you like your merlin, and you want to see it again, then please, BACK OFF
LOL no, im joking, plz dont take me seriously, but he is still mine.
Par Marie Nacel le Samedi 12 décembre 2015 à 13:48
Vous faîtes de l’excellent job

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